Invoice and Payments

What information is included in an LMT invoice?
  • Calls in the LMT network – calls in Latvia to LMT and LMT Karte numbers.
  • Calls – in Latvia to Tele2, Bite, TET and other numbers, as well as calls to infolines, premium-rate numbers, etc.

  • Calls to other countries – calls from Latvia to other countries.

  • Calls abroad – incoming and outgoing calls abroad.

  • Premium-rate numbers – calls to premium-rate numbers.

  • Mobile content services – pictures, melodies, emojis, or games ordered online or via text messages, participation in lotteries and special offers, televoting, advertising, visits to specific homepages, informative messages from the Mobile bank and similar services.

  • Donations – calls and text messages to premium-rate donation numbers or service codes (charge not subject to VAT).

  • Subscription fee – payment for the use of our tariff plan or services during the previous calendar month.

  • Minimum monthly charge – applied if the amount calculated for the use of services of your tariff plan during the previous calendar month was smaller or equal to the minimum monthly charge applied by the LMT. If the amount calculated for the used services is larger than the minimum charge, your invoice lists these services.

  • Fixed monthly charge – fixed amount for the use of services of your tariff plan during the previous calendar month. Calculated like a subscription fee.

  • Invoice by mail – appears in your invoice only if you have chosen to receive an electronic invoice (by e-mail), but have not disabled the invoice by regular mail option.

  • E-invoicing fee – applied if you receive your e-invoices at SEB bank.

What is a detailed activity report?

It allows to find out more about the information included in your invoice – what services you used during a specific billing period and how much it cost you. Detailed information on the services used can be obtained at My LMT under Rēķini (Invoices) – Sarunu saraksts (List of Calls), by authorizing with Smart-ID, eSignature or internet bank.

Where will I see information about the mobile content services that I have used?

Charge for mobile content services has a special line in an LMT invoice – Mobile content services ( stats, ads, etc.). This amount also includes information about the use of specific LMT services (e.g. text message to a group, SOS call).

To receive detailed information about premium-rate services, please choose a list of calls. Each occasion when you used a service will be entered into a separate line with the number of the service, name of the provider and charge for the service specified. Remember that as one content provider can offer various services, the name of the content provider can be repeated several times in the list.

To find out which service was used from your phone, please contact the respective content provider

Find out more about mobile content services.

Where will I see information about mobile payments?

Parking fees (Mobilly) are included in the Mobile Payments line.

What is a credit limit?
Credit limit is an initial amount of money applied by the LMT that can be used to receive services without any advance payments. Some services may subject to a different amount and/or type of control over your credit limit than others. If the accrued charge for your services reaches the credit limit, we may contact you and/or ask to pay an advance. Nevertheless, in most cases we provide all services requested by our customers with no additional payment.

If a customer has exhausted his or her credit limit giving rise to a right to discontinue the services, we will send an informative text message. To avoid the suspension of provided services and/or to reactivate them, the customer who has received a warning message has to contact the LMT as soon as possible by calling 80768076 and make an advance payment. The credit limit will be reset within one (1) day after the receipt of the above payment by the LMT. Please note that it may take some time! If you want to renew services sooner, please send payment information to and contact us by calling 80768076. If there is any suspicion about mala fides use of our services, to protect our customers we can immediately apply operational restrictions on the respective number until we fully investigate the situation.

Remember – the purpose of credit limit is not to help you control your costs, and the exhaustion of your credit limit does not result in automatic discontinuation of our services. Please note that we receive information about the services that you used abroad with some delay. Thus, such services received during the previous billing period may significantly affect or even exceed the credit limit in the current month. If your device is lost, please inform the LMT immediately! Remember that until we receive your notification you will be charged for all activated services received via the respective number.
Please monitor your spending!

LMT initial credit limit
Tariff planCredit limit
(incl. VAT)
Mini, Home Phone50.00
Freedom, Freedom in Europe VIP, Mobile Internet, Home Internet70.00
Subsequent credit limit may be determined on a case-by-case basis for each and every customer considering several factors, e.g. value of signed contracts, length of cooperation, payment amount, payment discipline, etc.

If you would like to control your mobile communications costs, we recommend the COST CONTROL option – enter the maximum monthly limit that you would not like to exceed. When this amount is reached we will send you an informative text message.
Information about data consumption cost control in other countries is available HERE.
When is information about the services that I used abroad included in my LMT invoice?

Foreign operators register and charge for the telecommunications services abroad. As the LMT receives information about these services within 30 days from their receipt, it can be included in the next LMT invoice.

* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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