Invoice and Payments

How can I receive an LMT invoice?
  • The easiest way to receive and pay an LMT invoice is via our self-service site My LMT.
    Important! Only the owner of a Primary number may review and pay an invoice in My LMT.
  • In addition to your invoices being available from My LMT, you can also receive them by e-mail. Sign up at My LMT or any LMT Customer Service Center.
  • Invoice by mail – paid service (0.41 €/month).
    Seniors who receive a retirement pension will get the invoice by mail free of charge. Customers who receive other pensions should contact us by phone 8076 8076 and find out how to apply for free invoice.
How can I receive additional information about my invoice?

In addition to your invoice you can also request a one-off or monthly text message about this invoice – it will include information about the number, amount and payment deadline of your most current invoice. 

  • If you would like to receive a ONE-OFF text message about your last invoice, text R to 29319999.
  • If you would like to receive REGULAR monthly text messages about your last invoice, text RR to 29319999.

Please note!

  • This option is available, if your have a Primary number with My LMT.
  • If you would like to discontinue receiving text messages about every new invoice, text RR- to 29319999.
How can I find out how much I have spent this month?

Several options are available.

  • 24/7 in the Invoices section of My LMT –> Current info.
    If you access My LMT for the first time or have forgotten your password, text P to 1640 and receive a password.
  • By calling the toll-free LMT Infoline 8076 8076 and following the directions.
    If you do not have to choose a language, press 1 (information about an invoice) and then again 1 (information about the current invoice). You will be informed about the amount that has accumulated until you call during the current month. Please remember that this option is not available abroad.
  • By texting i to 29319999.
    You will receive information about the number of your calls and text messages, data consumption and the amount of your invoice calculated for the billing period that has not yet been invoiced to you. This amount does not include the monthly charge for your tariff plan or services.
What are the advantages and possibilities offered by My LMT invoices?
  • Easy and instantaneous access to the last three invoices in My LMT – from any device, at any time or place where you have access to the Internet.
  • Invoices can be paid simply and easily. When you pay via My LMT, we receive the payment instantaneously and no further confirmation is required.
  • It is possible to open, save or print the invoice at any time.
  • The invoice cannot be lost and only authorized persons have access to it.

Remember! Only the owner of a Primary number may review and pay an invoice in My LMT.

How can I enter/change the e-mail to which my LMT invoices should be sent?
If I would like to receive my LMT invoices by mail, what should I know?

Any LMT customer may use this option – receive his or her monthly invoice by mail only for € 0.41 a month. But we cannot undertake any responsibility for delivering them directly to you. Thus, we recommend to receive invoices electronically – via My LMT and/or by e-mail. It is not only easier and faster, but also greener!

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signature allows to sign LMT invoices remotely, i.e. electronically by means of a public key algorithm. The public key used by the LMT is available here. 

To check if the invoice that you received by e-mail is not falsified, you can use free apps available online, e.g. GnuPG for Windows (

Please note! The invoice and its electronic signature will be available via a link for six months, but if you would like to have access to your invoices for a longer period of time (e.g. for accounting purposes), you can save them and the electronic signatures in your computer or phone.

What else should I know about my LMT invoices?

Electronic authentication of LMT invoices (authorization)

Internal control and user authentication and authorization processes that we employ to generate invoices are extremely safe and ensure the integrity of invoicing data, as well as compliance with our charges and tariffs, and their application principles. When an invoice is generated, our technical systems ensure that each and every invoice is authenticated (authorized) by substituting the signature of the responsible official with a reference that is identical for both types of invoices. As a result, electronic LMT invoices are identical to paper invoices.

Pursuant to the Electronic Communications Law, all of our electronic communications agreements are prepared in writing. As a result, the invoicing address indicated in the LMT Services Agreement may be changed only by a written notice. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of, “for the purposes of the Civil Law an electronic document authenticated by a user shall be considered equivalent to a written document personally signed by the same user.” Thus, any authentication on that is completed according to the Electronic Communications Law shall be considered equivalent to a personally signed document (hard copy). Furthermore, when you request electronic invoices from, the above allows us to ensure compliance with the Accounting Law regarding a bilateral agreement on electronic exchange of supporting documentation and electronic authentication (authorization). 

According to the LMT Services Agreement the “Subscriber may request to activate or deactivate a Service via an LMT connection number, an e-mail or other electronic means of communication in cases provided for in the terms and conditions of use and description of services, as well as in the Agreement. Such request is equivalent to a written notice by the said Subscriber.” These terms and conditions also stipulate that the “LMT shall have a right to send information to the Subscriber’s connection number or address by means of electronic communication. Such information is binding on the Subscriber and shall be considered equivalent to information provided via a paper document.”

Pursuant to the LMT Services Agreement this description of a service shall be considered an integral part of an executed paper LMT Services Agreement. As a result, the Subscriber may print the said description, if needed, and attach the printout to the LMT Services Agreement as a binding document.

Please note!
Services that you used abroad may appear in your invoice with a delay of one month – depending on when we receive the respective information from the foreign operator.

What should I do if I would like to receive another copy of my LMT invoice?

Please send a request to

How can I receive my LMT invoices for the previous year?

Please submit a written request indicating the period for which you would like to receive a duplicate of your LMT invoice, as well as the e-mail address to which we should send these invoices. Sign the request and fax it to 67773707, or send a scanned copy to or lodge the original with the closest LMT Customer Service Center.

* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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