Agreements and terms and conditions

Can I authorize another person to act on my behalf?

Full actions can be performed only with a notarised power of attorney, by submitting it in person at any LMT Customer Centre.

Exception – access to LMT invoices (i.e., a possibility to view and pay LMT invoices). This can be performed without a notarised power of attorney if the customer authorizes any person. 

How can I authorize another person to access my invoices?

It can be done in 3 ways – choose the one that suits you best!

  • Fill out the LMT power of attorney form or write an application in free format on the portal My LMT in Saziņa (Communication). We will prepare the power of attorney, place it for signing at My LMT in “Līgumi” (Agreements) and send you an informative message.
  • Go to the nearest LMT Customer Centre and fill in the LMT power of attorney form there or submit a notarized power of attorney, if you have one.
  • Send a filled in LMT power of attorney form, signed with a secure electronic signature to the e-mail address

LMT power of attorney form is available HERE (lv).

What information must be included in the power of attorney so that another person can access my invoices?

It is best to use this LMT power of attorney form (lv), however, the application can be submitted at My LMT in free form, by specifying the following information:

1) date of issue of the power of attorney;

2) name, surname, identity number, registered address of the authorizer;

3) name, surname, identity number of the authorized person;

4) rights of the authorized person: to access invoices about the services of the LMT group of companies issued to the authorizer;

5) term of the power of attorney that does not exceed 12 months. 

What should I do for the authorized person receive information on the invoice in his/her e-mail?

If you want the authorized person to receive information on your invoices in his or her e-mail, you must indicate (the authorized person will not be able to do it) this e-mail address as the delivery address of invoices. It is most convenient to do this at My LMT in Profils (Profile) – Kontaktinformācija (Contact Information), by adding an extra address for the receipt of invoices. 

What options does authorization for access to another customer's LMT invoices include?
  • Access to the section “Rēķini” (Invoices) at My LMT and the opportunity to view all invoices (without the list of calls), regardless of the date of issue of the power of attorney, as well as the current information about the used services which form the amount of the next invoice.
  • Possibility to download the invoice in PDF form at My LMT.
  • Possibility to specify the information about the amounts included in the invoice by calling 80768076, by visiting the Customer Centre or via My LMT portal.
  • Possibility to pay the invoice at My LMT or at any LMT Customer Centre.
  • Possibility to request an invoice (without the list of calls) at any LMT Customer Centre.  
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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