Agreements and terms and conditions

Fair Use Policy of LMT services

LMT services are subject to the fair use principles pursuant to the LMT Services Agreement (lv), descriptions and terms and conditions of use of our services, as well as applicable normative acts. Terms and conditions of the LMT Services Agreement and the description of our services are available in our home page, as well as at any LMT Customer Service Center.

LMT services are developed and any offers are made to the inhabitants of Latvia that mainly use mobile communications inland. They are not designed for permanent and extended use abroad or for purposes that are not related to periodic foreign trips.

Fraud protection and bad faith
To ensure high level or protection against fraud and unlawful use of LMT services or numbers, the LMT has introduced a risk-based fraud detection and prevention system that is based on objective or widely recognized criteria, or criteria reviewed by the regulator. It allows to identify atypical customer behavior that may suggest that the services or numbers are used incorrectly or maliciously – contrary to the intended use or purpose or by adversely affecting the interests of other users or LMT.


  • Calls, messages, data transmission or other services used in an atypical way, for an unusual period of time or to abnormal extent.
  • End device incompatible with the terms and conditions of the respective service.
  • End device that has been previously used for mala fides personal gain or for other unlawful acts used repeatedly.
  • Services not used according to the intended purpose and/or use.
  • Services, SIM cards and/or end devices used to provide further services or transmit a signal (e.g. data transmission to third parties, etc.).
  • Long, homogeneous, similar, repeated or otherwise atypical calls or messages (e.g. e-mails, text messages, MMS, etc.).
  • The purpose of calls or messages beyond communication.
  • Calls or messages used for advertising, commercial messaging or commercial operations.
  • Calls or messages used to generate profit from the services of LMT or other operators and contrary to their intended purpose – communication.

In the above cases you will be contacted by our representative to make sure that the end device is used in good faith and with the consent of its owner. But there may be occasions when the system automatically or after the receipt of information from other operators restricts or even suspends provision of certain services to prevent excessive losses, mala fides use of services or numbers, as well as for the protection of interests of other users.

In such cases the LMT will not return the advance payed by the customer, will not grant the expected benefits and will not allow to use the benefits acquired in bad faith. If an investigation reveals that normative acts have been infringed by the use of services or numbers, the LMT is obliged to cooperate with supervisory bodies and to disclose the requested information about the offending party, as well as to implement the decisions of supervisory bodies for prevention, investigation and deferral purposes.

If you are unsure if your activity in the LMT network can be considered atypical or violate any legal norms, we invite you to contact the LMT in due time to receive answers to all questions. We also invite you to contact the LMT, if you intend to use any of our services contrary to its intended primary purpose.

Terms of fair use of LMT services abroad
Here you can get acquainted with the Terms of fair use of LMT services abroad (lv) with effect from 01.01.2024.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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