LMT Karte

What should I do to receive the Daily bonus?

It is very easy – refill your LMT Karte in any way with at least 3.00 €.

Will I receive the Daily bonus if funds are paid into my account via a SOS message?

Yes, you will receive the Daily bonus irrespective of how the account is refilled. But it is important that the amount of one of the payments is at least 3.00 €.

What bonus will I receive?

You can receive one of three bonuses – unlimited calls, text messages or data in Latvia until the end of the next day at 23:59. Check our homepage to find out which bonus is offered on the given day.

When does the Daily bonus become effective?

Daily bonus takes effect after the receipt of a confirmation message, i.e. approximately one hour after your account is refilled.

By when should I use the Daily bonus?

Daily bonus can be used by the end of the next day. For example, if you pay 4.00 € into you account on Saturday at 16:30, you will be able to use the bonus from the moment when you receive the confirmation message and until the end of Sunday at 23:59.

How does the Daily bonus affect units included in other services (Week for call, Week for Internet, Internet via Handset)?

Daily bonus is used first – unlimited calls, text messages or data until the end of the next day in Latvia, and only then the units of the purchased service.

If you have subscribed to the Week for Internet and you pay 4.00 € into your LMT Karte at 09:45 on Tuesday and the daily bonus is unlimited data, you can use the Internet without any limits until the end of Wednesday at 23:59. Then the data allowance included in the Week for Internet is used.

If I use the Daily bonus, does it affect the use-by date of other services?

Daily bonus does not extend the use-by date of other services, e.g. Week for calls, Week for Internet, and Internet via Handset.

Can I receive various bonuses if I refill my account several times per day?

Only one bonus is available per day. Irrespective of how many times you refill your account during one day for at least 3.00 €, you will receive the same bonus – unlimited calls, text messages or data in Latvia until the end of the next day at 23:59.

Can I continue using the previous Daily bonus, if I have received another one today?

Daily bonus can be used until the use-by time irrespective of whether you refill your account the next day and receive your next Daily bonus.

If you refill your LMT Karte account on Saturday at 9:00 (Daily bonus – unlimited calls) and on Sunday at 9:00 (Daily bonus – unlimited data), you will have unlimited calls and data until the end of Sunday at 23:59, and you will be able to continue using unlimited data until the end of Monday at 23:59.

Will I receive the bonus if I refill my LMT Karte several times during a day for the total amount of 3.00 €?

To receive the Daily bonus, the amount of one payment to an LMT Karte should be at least 3.00 €.

Does the Daily bonus apply to calls and text messages to premium-rate numbers?

No, you have to pay an additional amount of money for premium services.

Can the units of the Daily bonus (calls, texts, data) be used abroad?

Daily bonus applies only to the territory of Latvia.

Will I receive the Daily bonus if I refill an LMT Karte abroad?

If you pay at least 3.00 € into your LMT Karte while you are abroad, the Daily bonus will be activated as soon as you receive the confirmation message, but you will be able to use the unlimited bonus units (calls, text messages or data) only if you return to Latvia while your bonus is still valid.

Can a user of an LMT pre-paid Internet receive the Daily bonus?

No, Daily bonus is offered only to the customers with an LMT Karte.

Do any limits apply to minutes, texts, data?
No, you can use the respective daily bonus without any restrictions according to the Fair Use Policy of LMT services (lv).

Does the Daily bonus affect other services or bonuses?

Daily bonus does not affect the validity period or units of other services (bonuses).

For how long will you continue to offer Daily bonuses to the users of LMT Karte?

As long as our clients enjoy them :)

* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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