Where to call in case of emergency while I am abroad?

In case of emergency, call 112. You will be connected to the local emergency service. To receive consular assistance abroad, call the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia: +37126337711.

Information about the emergency services and emergency alert apps in the EEA countries is available in the single BEREC database HERE.

How can I contact LMT while I am abroad?

Call us from abroad on +37129319911 – you will not be charged for this call.
Or send us an e-mail:  info@lmt.lv.

Should I pay for incoming calls in other countries?

You do not have to pay for incoming calls in the EEA, if your connection provides the opportunity to use the service without additional fees as in Latvia. There may be exceptions for users of individual tariff plans.

If you are in a non-EEA country, you have to pay for the incoming calls.

How are charges for incoming calls in other countries calculated?

The charge is calculated for each call – in the EEA countries per second, in other countries – per full minute. Enter the respective country in the menu at the top of the page to find out the charge for incoming calls.

All incoming calls will be listed as follows in the list of calls:
00 [country code][network code][temporary number]
Digits of the temporary number are substituted with an X. For example, incoming calls in Lithuania in the Telia network – 00370698XXXXX.

If you use a maritime or satellite network abroad, additional charges may apply. In this case an additional entry will appear in the list of calls marked with an identifier "+" and the name of the respective operator.

How can I use direct calling abroad?

Just like in Latvia – chose a person from the address book or enter the number manually.
Use the international format with + and country code in front of the number (to call Latvia, use +371). To avoid any inconvenience later, we recommend to save all Latvian numbers in your address book in the international format.

Are VoLTE calls available abroad?

VoLTE calls are available on selected networks of foreign operators. Before you go abroad, make sure what communication network technologies are available in the country you plan to visit – look for the VoLTE mark next to the operator's network. Check if your phone supports VoLTE technology, if VoLTE is activated on your phone and if you use a postpaid tariff plan.

How to make a VoLTE call abroad?

Exactly the same as in Latvia - when calling a subscriber of the Latvian communication network with a VoLTE call. The addressee's number can be dialled in both local and international format. While, for calls to local numbers in the country you are in and other countries, the number must always be given in international format (with a + sign and the country code in front of the number)! When calling with VoLTE, foreign short numbers, local toll-free (800 series) and premium rate (900 series) numbers will not be reachable.

Can I call a paid helpline or a local toll-free number abroad?

When calling with VoLTE, foreign short numbers, local toll-free (800 series) and premium rate (900 series) numbers will not be reachable.

How is the fee for a call abroad calculated
Outgoing calls in other countries are charged according to the listed tariffs – enter the respective country in the menu at the top of the page and check the tariff.

Calls to local toll-free,  additional service or premium-rate numbers (value-added services) in other countries are charged according to the tariffs of the respective foreign operator. Find out more on number ranges for value-added services in EEA countries in the single BEREC database HERE.

Charges are calculated in specific increments.
  • Calls from the EEA to local numbers and other EEA countries (incl. Latvia) – for the first 30 seconds and then for each subsequent second.
  • Calls from the EEA to other countries and any outgoing calls from other countries – for a full minute.
Please note!
North and South American operators may charge even for the time when you wait for the connection (except for VoLTE calls)!
Call charges and the principle of their calculation do not change when using VoLTE.
Can I make calls abroad using my Apple Watch?

To make calls abroad with your Apple Watch, you must be connected to a foreign network that supports VoLTE call technology. Calling while abroad will be available for Apple Watch 5 and later smartwatches running OS 9.4 or later software.
No other additional steps are required if the smartwatch is already working on the LMT network with Multi-SIM.

Check VoLTE availability on certain foreign networks in the Tariff calculator HERE.  "VoLTE" will be indicated next to the relevant foreign network.

* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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