What is Caller ID?

Caller ID allows you to see who is calling. You will see either the number (in international format) or the name of the caller on the screen depending on how you have saved this particular contact in your contact list. Answered and unanswered calls will be saved in the memory of your phone.

How to activate Caller ID?

The simplest way is to use My LMT.

Should I pay for Caller ID?

Caller ID is available free of charge if you use an active LMT tariff plan.

Why don’t I see the caller’s number on the screen?

It is possible that the caller has blocked the Caller ID.

In addition, Caller ID may not function when the caller uses foreign networks or you are abroad.

What is Caller ID Blocking?

It allows you to maintain anonymity if you would not like the called party to see your number. You may enable or disable the Caller ID Blocking in your mobile phone whenever needed.


  • - We can guarantee that your ID will be blocked only during calls in our network. When you call customers of other operators or from abroad, functioning of the Caller ID Blocking depends on the respective operator.
  • - Caller ID Blocking will function irrespective of the format of the dialed number (international format with +371 or the local format).
  • - Caller ID Blocking does not function when you text or call emergency telephone numbers (112, 01, 02, etc.) or our 24/7 Infoline 80768076.
  • - Caller ID Blocking affects some LMT services, e.g. Caller ID, Automated Answering. If you would like to find out more about the effect of Caller ID Blocking, please contact us.
How to use Caller ID Blocking?

You can connect this option at My LMT (lv), any LMT Customer Service Centre or by e-mailing a signed scanned application to

If you would like to call with your ID blocked, you can enable Caller ID Blocking as follows.

  • Every time you would like to remain anonymous, enter #31# in front of the called number.
  • Caller ID Blocking can also be enabled (and disabled) in the settings of your phone. Please read the instructions for use of your phone to find out how! Just remember that in this case all calls (until you disable this function) will be made with your Caller ID blocked.
What will the called party see if I use Caller ID Blocking?

If you call with the Caller ID Blocking enabled, the called party will see:

  • private number – if the called party has Caller ID activated
  • call – if the called party does not have Caller ID
Remember that you can also receive calls from callers, who would not like to have their identity disclosed and who have enabled the Caller ID Blocking.

All calls made with the Caller ID blocked will be saved with “no number” indication.


How much does it cost to use Caller ID Blocking?

Activation and use of Caller ID Blocking is free of charge in Latvia and abroad.

What should I know about Caller ID Blocking when I am abroad?

Some foreign operators do not allow to use the CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) or Caller ID Blocking in their networks. Thus, when you are abroad, make sure that the CLIR function is not activated on your phone. Otherwise the foreign operator will believe that your calls are an attempt to use an unauthorized service and will not allow you to call. 

How does Caller ID Blocking affect Caller ID functionality?

If you use Caller ID, there may still be some cases when the number is not indicated, e.g., when the caller has activated Caller ID Blocking.

When you make calls to other networks with Caller ID Blocking activated, it is possible that:

  • the operator offers and the called party has activated the Caller ID Blocking override or CLIR* override – in this case Caller ID Blocking is overridden and the caller’s number is disclosed;
  • the operator allows for the called party to automatically reject calls with Caller ID Blocking activated;
  • other operators may disregard the Caller ID Blocking request and disclose the number to the called party.
LMT does not offer the Caller ID Blocking override or a possibility to automatically reject calls with the Caller ID blocked.
* CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) – Caller ID Blocking.

What is Multiple Call Handling?

This is your opportunity to avoid missing any calls! With Multiple Call Handling you can answer another call during an ongoing conversation without interrupting it. Two simultaneous calls possible, and you can easily switch between them.

How can I activate Multiple Call Handling?

All LMT customers have it activated free of charge. If you would like to deactivate or reactivate it, use the easiest way – My LMT.

How does Multiple Call Handling function?

During a conversation you will hear a signal about the second call. To switch to another call without loosing the previous caller, you have to press the Delay button. To find out where it is located, check your phone’s instructions for use. 

You can also call another person during an ongoing conversation without ending it, as well as to switch between calls. The calls are not linked – the party to the delayed call will not hear what you discuss during the current conversation.

What is a Conference Call?

Conference Call allows you to speak with several parties simultaneously (up to five) – like you were in the same room!

If you would like to speak with one of the parties to the conversation without the others being able to hear that, you should remember which party that was – a first, a second, a third or the fourth. To find out how to activate this function, check your phone’s instructions for use.

How to activate the Conference Call functionality?

If the Conference Call is not activated on your phone, you can do that at any LMT Customer Service Center. Customers of the Mini tariff plan can also do that in My LMT. 

There is no activation or subscription fee. 

Conference Call is not available abroad.
To be able to use the Conference Call, you should also have to activate the Multiple Call Handling.

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding allows you to use another phone (yours or another person’s) to receive calls. This function is available to all LMT customers FREE OF CHARGE! 

If you forward calls to another LMT number in Latvia, no charge applies. But if you forward calls to a different network, you will have to pay for these calls like you called from your number to the forwarded number (in a different network).

Which type of call forwarding should I choose?

Two types of forwarding are possible.
Unconditional forwarding is a better choice if you would like to forward all calls to another number.
You can choose conditional forwarding for special cases.

  • If you cannot answer calls (choose “Called party does not answer”).
  • If you have switched off your phone or are outside of the coverage area (choose “Mobile phone is switched off or outside of the coverage area”).
  • If you are busy talking with someone else (choose “Mobile line busy”).
How to set up call forwarding?

You can activate all types of call forwarding simultaneously, furthermore, each to a different number.

Administration of call forwarding by phone
You can set up or cancel any type of call forwarding, by activating the respective function in your phone settings.

Administration of call forwarding via SMS
Post-payment customers have an opportunity to administer forwarding by sending commands to 1688.
XXXXXXXX – a number you want to forward calls (without + symbol or 00 even if the country code is placed in front of the number).

  • Unconditional forwarding setup – PA XXXXXXXX
  • Conditional forwarding setup: 
  • - if busy – PAA XXXXXXXX
    - if switched off or out of coverage area – PAZ XXXXXXXX
    - if no answer – PAN XXXXXXXX 
  • If you want to cancel the set forwardings, text a command PA STOP to the same number.

Please note!
If you activate unconditional forwarding during the conditional forwarding period, the previous settings will be automatically restored only when you cancel unconditional forwarding.

How should I proceed if I require call forwarding but cannot set it up?
If you urgently require forwarding and it is not possible to set it up properly (e.g. you are abroad and have left your phone at home), it is possible to activate unconditional forwarding at the exchange. Please write a request, sign and fax it to us at 67773707 or mail a scanned copy to

Please note!
This option is offered only to post-payment customers.
How much should I pay for call forwarding when I am abroad?
  • All calls forwarded (unconditional forwarding) – all incoming calls are forwarded in the LMT network according to our calling tariffs. As long as you have a tariff plan, you do not have to pay for forwarding to LMT numbers. Customers of the FREEDOM tariff plan do not have to pay for forwarding to other Latvian networks, either. In other cases you have to pay for the forwarded calls like for calls from our network to the forwarded number.
  • Conditional forwarding (the called party does not answer, the line is busy or there is no coverage) – the forwarded call is charged as an incoming call abroad and as an outgoing call from the network of the respective country to the forwarded number. Please check foreign tariffs by entering the respective country in the menu window.
How can I receive information about my most recent outgoing calls and/or text messages?

Text PZ to 29319999. You will receive the following information about each outgoing call or text message:

  • number of the outgoing call or the messaging center (+37129202020) if you sent a text message
  • date and time of the outgoing call or text message
  • length of the call
  • charge
Please note!
- As incoming calls received abroad may appear in the list of outgoing calls, they may be included in the text message.
- This offer is available only to LMT post-payment customers.
How can I receive information about my most recent incoming calls and/or text messages?

Text PS to 29319999. You will receive the following information about each incoming call or text message:

  • the number of the caller or the sender of the text message or the code of the messaging service
  • date and time of the incoming call or text message
  • length of the call

If the number is not disclosed during the call, the text message will say “unknown”.

Please note!
- If one of the incoming calls had the Caller ID Blocking activated, the respective number will not be disclosed. You will see CLIR* instead of the number. The rest of the information will not change.
- This offer is available only to LMT post-payment customers.

*CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) – Caller ID Blocking.
How can I find out to whom I have called most?

Text TL to 29319999. You will receive information about TOP four numbers to which you have called most (time-wise). You will receive the following information about each of these numbers:

  • the number of calls and/or text messages
  • total length of calls and amount

Please note!
As incoming calls received abroad may appear in the list of outgoing calls, they may be included in the text message.

What is a Video Call?

Video calling allows you to not only hear, but also see the other party during a call, as well as to show the surrounding environment, thus evoking the feeling of physical presence.

Terms and conditions

  • Both parties should have a mobile phone that supports Video Calls.
  • Both parties should have signed up to the Video Call service.
  • Both parties should be LMT postpaid customers and have LMT or foreign operator 3G coverage.

Subscribe to the Video Call service by texting* VZ+ to 1688. If you would like to discontinue this service and disable the functionality, text VZ- to the same number.
FREEDOM customers may use Video Calls FREE OF CHARGE!
If you have a different tariff plan, please check the charges that apply to Video Calls.

* Send a command if you wish to subscribe to the service for the listed price. Information about consumer’s right of withdrawal. In case of a one-off purchase the service is delivered immediately, and there is no right of withdrawal.


To which fixed numbers can I call?

Here you can see the list of fixed networks to which you can call.

Fixed networks in Latvia
Amber Telecom
Baltcom TV
CSC Telecom
Datu tehnoloģiju grupa
Dautkom TV
ECO Networks
Fixed Lines
HIG ServissBaltija
Interneta Pasaule
IT Group
Latvijas dzelzceļš
MPE Nets
Nordic Technologies
Radio Telecommunication Network
Smart Telecom
Stream Networks
Telegrupa Baltijā
Telekom Baltija
Telia Latvija
Vājstrāvas tīkli
Voxbone SA
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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