LMT Internet

How can I improve the performance of mobile Internet in buildings?

The best coverage is near windows and on top floors.

If the signal strength is insufficient, the best solution for the Internet is a router – usually it has more powerful integrated antennas than a modem. Thus, a router will receive the Internet signal better than a modem.

If the coverage near windows or on the top floor is not good enough, we recommend to connect your modem or router to an external antenna.

How can I find out where Internet is available?
Check our coverage map to see what technology is available at your location.
What affects the strength of signal?

Distance to the base station, local geography (forest, tall buildings,etc.), specific construction design and layout, performance of your device (phone or computer) can affect the strength of the signal and the performance of the mobile Internet.

How to check the speed of Internet?

You can measure the speed of internet here. It can also be done with special applications created for this purpose. Check the app store for your OS, e.g. App Store, Android Market or Windows Phone Marketplace and download free of charge!

Does the speed of mobile Internet really depend on my phone or computer?

Yes, it is possible. For example, older phones and computers can undermine the performance of mobile Internet. This is the reason why we recommend to use later models.

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