How to become an LMT customer

What documentation is required to become an LMT customer?
Irrespective of where you sign up to be our customer – in the LMT e-store, Customer Service Center, dealer outlet or via a consultant elsewhere, you will have to produce a proof of identity (passport, ID card).
In cases stipulated by the laws and regulations, the Customer Service Representative may ask for a permission to make a copy of this document and confirm in writing that it is intended for submission to the LMT. It is important that we identify and verify the identity of our customers to exclude any possibility of fraud and eliminate the risk of disclosure of confidential information.

Information about a customer will be compiled and processed only for the purposes of transactions. But if you prefer that your ID is not copied, please inform the Customer Service Representative accordingly. Our representative will help you fill in a request with your personal data to ensure that our services can be provided to you.

You can always ask the LMT to correct your data, as well as to refuse a permission to make copies of your documents. Our Customer Service Representatives will always offer the necessary explanations about the processing of personal data.

To ensure the widest possible range of services, LMT evaluates the customer’s solvency, payment discipline and other criteria, when establishing cooperation and at the time of cooperation. Taking care of the customer’s ability to fulfil his long-term commitment, we always take an individual approach for each customer and any restrictions can only be made after an objective and proportionate risk assessment. Find out more about the aspects of personal data in LMT Privacy Policy.
What does it mean to keep the number?

It is a possibility to transfer from another operator to the LMT and keep the same phone number.

Why should I keep my number?

It allows to stay in touch with your loved ones and saves time and effort as you do not have to explain the change to your business partners, when you call them. You will not have to notify everyone that you have a different number. Remember, that many people do not answer calls from unknown numbers!

Can I become an LMT customer and keep my number?

Yes, of course! Just remember that your number should be active – the contract with the previous provider will be terminated automatically.

Can I join the LMT with the number of my fixed line?

Yes. LMT offers communication services in mobile and fixed networks. 

How can I become an LMT customer without changing my number?

It is very simple – just fill in an online request in the Join the LMT! section. We will deliver the LMT services agreement and the SIM card to you by courier free of charge.

Of course, you can also come to any LMT Customer Service Center – in this case you will be able to promptly sign the agreement and receive the SIM card. 

If you currently have a pre-paid call card of another operator, you will have to enter the series number of your SIM card (indicated on the card) in your request. 

If you currently have a permanent connection of another operator and the number will have a different owner after you join the LMT, we will need a freely drafted request. Please indicate that you would like to have your number registered with the LMT and that it will be used by another person. Please remember to indicate the name and the identity code of the new owner. Please fax us the signed request to 67773156 or send it by e-mail to

I would like to join the LMT – how should I proceed?

Users of post-paid services should submit just a request. 

Users of pre-paid cards will have to produce the SIM card to our employee and indicate the series number of the SIM card (printed on the card) in the transfer request.

How quickly can I join the LMT?

Pursuant to the Procedures for retaining customer numbers of the Public Utilities Commission, a mobile connection number should be activated within one business day, and a fixed number – within 10 business days from the effective date of your contract.

Can I choose when my number will be transferred to the LMT?

You may choose the date when your request will be registered. As soon as we receive your request, it will not be possible to change the transfer date.

How much does it cost to keep my number?

Joining the LMT is FREE OF CHARGE! If you apply online, we will send the new SIM card to you for free!

Can I be refused if I would like to keep my number?

It is possible if you have accumulated a large debt for mobile services or devices. A mobile operator may refuse to allow to keep the number until you settle your liabilities.

May I keep my number if I join a foreign operator?

No, your number can be kept only in the same country.

Can the same number be kept without my consent?

It is not possible. To move to another operator, the respective customer should be identified, and he or she has to provide a signature.

What should I do if I would like to discontinue a service or terminate my agreement with the LMT?
There are several ways to manage (activade/deactivate) LMT services. Choose the easiest one for you!It is possible to terminate an agreement by sending a signed and scanned request to or by lodging it with any LMT Customer Service Center.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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