Mans LMT

What is My LMT?
It’s your opportunity to get information about your LMT connection and invoices, activate or deactivate LMT services, and keep up-to-date on costs 24/7 anywhere you’ve internet access. You don’t need to go to the LMT Customer Service Centre to solve such issues!

You can do the most important things at My LMT app, but the full version of My LMT is available on the website:
How can I access My LMT?
You can access My LMT by activating this link: My LMT.
Authorize via internet bank, eSignature or Smart-ID!
How can I access My LMT app?
Download the My LMT app in the AppStore or Google Play and authorize via internet bank, eSignature, Smart-ID or connection number.
What should I do if I log in with a number but forgot My LMT password?
Text P again to 1640 – you’ll receive the new initial password in the reply message.
What should I do if I cannot connect to My LMT?
If you connect with a number
You can connect to My LMT only with an active LMT connection number. You’ll not be able to connect with a canceled number or a number of another operator.

Make sure that you have entered:
  • phone or contract number correctly;
  • password correctly – caps and small letters, unnecessary spaces, etc.;
  • security code correctly – it is required, when you have failed to connect after several unsuccessful attempts.

Why haven’t I received a reply message to my request for a new My LMT password?
Please make sure that the password request message is sent from an active LMT connection number.
How can I confirm the Terms of Use of My LMT?
If you see an invitation to accept the Terms of Use of My LMT, please read and confirm by pressing the Confirm button.
Why should I indicate my e-mail in My LMT?
We ask you to provide your current e-mail address so that we can send monthly invoices and contact you if neccessary. It’s the best to enter your e-mail address the first time you visit My LMT, but you can do it later in Profils (Profile) –> Kontaktinformācija (Contact information). If necessary, you can change it.
What information will I have access to at My LMT?
It depends on how you are authorized in My LMT environment. There are two possible options.

Authorization with a qualified version of Smart-ID, eSignature or internet bank

In this case, you can view information on all connections registered in your name. You have access to the latest invoices, you can change the e-mail address for receipt of invoices, view information about the purchased devices (Instalment, Open, Option Agreement), view and administer (activate, deactivate, change parameters) individual LMT services and change the tariff plan for any number registered in your name.

Authorization with a connection number

In this case, you can view information only about your connection number – a tariff plan, connected services, as well as your preliminary invoice. You can keep track of the number of text messages sent, the minutes and the the amount of internet used, as well as the amount accumulated since the last invoice. You can also connect and administer individual services to your number.
Why don’t I see my invoice at My LMT?
To view your invoice, you need to authorize with the qualified version of Smart-ID, eSignature or internet bank.
Why do I need to give consent, what will it do for me?
Each of your consents opens up a new opportunity. When you’ve made your choices, we will be able to offer you useful information and not bother you with what you think is irrelevant.
Find out more HERE.
Why is My LMT working session interrupted and what to do in this case?
For safety reasons, a session in My LMT environment is terminated after 15 minutes of inactivity. To restore activities at My LMT, please log in again.
Why are other service fees indicated under "Aktuālā informācija" (Current information)?
The “Current information” section shows the standard prices of LMT services.

Rember that the invoice forecast is also affected by your actions – used services abroad, change of tariff plan and internet services, etc. Family Deal etc. discounts are applied at the time of invoicing.
Why don’t I receive information about LMT offers and promotions by e-mail?
It is possible that consent has not been given or an e-mail address has not been indicated in Profils (Profile) –> Kontaktinformācija (Contact information) at My LMT.
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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