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What you need to know before flying a drone?
Mark the drone with your name, surname, address and telephone number
Identify yourself a drone pilot with a hat, reflective vest or otherwise
Evaluate possible risks, including environmental specifics, geographical location, construction, infrastructure, and meteorological conditions
If you make a flight over the event or in its close proximity, get approval of the person in charge of the event who’ll get the approval by the municipality
If the drone is heavier than 0.5 kg and you are younger than 16, fly the drone only under adult supervision
If total take-off mass of the drone is from 250g to 1.5kg and increased risk flight operations are conducted, the civil liability insurance is required
Read the aeronautical data and other information in eAIP published on the website of Latvijas gaisa satiksme
If you are willing to conduct increased risk flight operations, you must pass a theoretical and practical examination at the Civil Aviation Agency
What you need to know during flight?
Fly only during daylight hours
Fly in a way that does not endanger people’s life, health, privacy or property
Observe the restrictions, when flying over and near prisons, military and infrastructure objects
Do not fly near people and over the gathering places
Use only the frequencies permitted in the national radio plan
Do not fly close to other aircraft to avoid the risk of collision
Invite an observer, when you pilot a drone in controlled air space and plan to take photos/film videos, using a remote control monitor, as well as in other instances stipulated in Cabinet regulations
Do not fly under influence of narcotic, psychotropic or other intoxicating substances
Where in Latvia are you allowed to fly your drone?
In the territory of Latvia drone flights shall be conducted within visual line of sight up to 120 m not longer than 500 m in the horizontal plane.
Prohibition area for drone flights
Ascend prohibited, except with permits
The distance (radius) from the airfield runway threshold or helicopter airfield control point, where a prohibition zone is in operation. Study Clause 26.3 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.368.
Controlled airspace
May ascend up to the height of 50m
The area marked on the map is around the Riga airport, except the prohibition area for drone flights.
The map is for illustrative purposes. The precise map can be viewed HERE.
Free of charge!
Drone simulator
Try being a drone pilot!
LMT Customer and Technology Centre,
Ģertrūdes iela 12, Riga
Mondays to Fridays: 9.00–19.00
Saturdays: 10.00–17.00
Sundays: closed
What drone control skills are tested?
Pilot of the multirotor and rotary-wing (helicopter type) aircraft must demonstrate an ability to perform the following tasks with the unmanned aircraft:
horizontal square changing the frontal flight direction of the unmanned aircraft
Cuban eight manoeuvre without changing the frontal direction of the unmanned aircraft
rotation about the vertical axis (yaw)
take-off and landing at a 45-degree angle
movements – up, down, right, left
disorientation control after rotation about the vertical axis
vertical square and horizontal square without changing the direction of the unmanned aircraft
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