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Download the Spotify app – and the door to 30 million songs will be open!

LMT offers Spotify Premium for 6.99 € a month to enjoy the highest-quality music and other wonderful options with no commercial breaks.

Listen to music, wherever you are! Your favorite songs will always be with you – on your phone, tablet or computer.
30,000,000 SONGS
All music in one place
Listen to more than 30 million songs online – on your phone, tablet or computer. Don’t carry the music with you, let it carry you.
Listen to music lawfully
Listen to music with clear conscience – artists will receive royalties from Spotify for each and every time their songs are played.
Enjoy high quality sound
Spotify Premium allows to choose the highest quality sound – you will feel like in a recording studio! Love your ears and enjoy the finest nuances of music.
Music that suits your mood
With Spotify you will have an impressive song collection that can be easily managed. Choose the stream of your music depending on the mood and interests!
Create your own radio
Choose one song and Spotify will do the rest – find similar pieces and take you to new discoveries. Or choose the favorite radio genre – from ethno to techno.

How to get started with Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is available to all LMT customers, who have access to premium-rate services. Monthly subscription fee for Spotify Premium is 6.99 € and it will be included in your monthly LMT invoice or charged to your LMT Karte account. To activate, click on Activate Spotify Premium*.

Activate Spotify Premium

* Please read the terms and conditions of use for the LMT Spotify service (lv).
Spotify Premium does not apply to free purchases.

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