Shared joy is a double joy

Holiday greetings to friends with a nice card? Noticed a funny situation or an impressive ad? Make photos with your mobile phone and send MMS! It is a wonderful way to share your impressions and unforgettable moments with friends, or inform or remind about something important not only by means of a text message, but also a picture!

  • Send photo, video and audio files
  • Convenient and simple
  • Super low costs
  • Send from homepage FREE OF CHARGE


To send or receive MMS in your phone or from My LMT, you do not have to sign up or activate this service – send your MMS whenever you wish! This option is automatically available to all LMT customers.

If you have an older phone model, please make sure that MMS parameters have been properly set up. They can be automatically set up under My LMT or by texting MMSP to 1688. You will receive the required parameters with a text message and will only have to save them.

If your phone does not support automatic installation, please check its instructions for use and set up MMS parameters manually.
If you have questions, do contact us – we will help!


MMS can be sent from your mobile phone, as well as from My LMT.

  • Chose the photo, video or audio file that you would like to send.
  • If you feel like, add some text.
  • Click on “Send” – and your MMS will be instantly sent to your friend!
If you would like to send photo, video or audio files from your computer, it can be done via My LMT – quickly and easily.

You can simultaneously send up to 10 files from My LMT. The maximum size of MMS is 300 KB, including the smil file and the text. If the size of the package is larger, it will be reduced.


  • MMS can be sent to LMT and Tele2 subscribers, as well as LMT Karte and Zelta Zivtiņa customers.
  • If you receive a text message with an invitation to check your new MMS under My LMT, it means that your phone does not support incoming MMS – in this case you will be able to check your MMS only under My LMT. If you have questions, do contact us – we will help!
  • You require an Internet connection to send or receive MMS, but this will not make your bill higher in Latvia as all LMT Karte tariff plans include a free data allowance. 
  • If you would like to stop receiving MMS via your handset, please text MMS- to 1688. In this case you will be able to check all of your incoming MMS under My LMT.


  • MMS service has no activation or subscription fees.
  • Charge per one MMS – only 0.04 €.
  • Please remember that consumed data tariffs of the respective foreign operators apply to incoming and outgoing MMS messages abroad. If you travel abroad, check what Internet in Travel can offer you!
* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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