Mobile content

What is a mobile content service?

Mobile content services are provided by various content providers, and these services can be purchased via a text message or a call, as well as online. Content providers are responsible for supplying complete and accurate information to you as a user, e.g. a description of a service and charges, subscription and cancellation procedure, contact details. 

To protect your interests, Latvian mobile operators have prepared a code for mobile content services – pursuant to the code, all content providers are obliged to apply uniform principles to the provision of these services. Please read the Code for Mobile Content Services (lv).

How can I find out which mobile content services have I used?

Please contact the respective mobile content provider.

How can I cancel a service that is subject to a regular charge?

We recommend to find out how you can cancel a service by contacting the respective service provider. If you subscribed to a mobile content service via a text message or online, you can terminate your subscription by sending a text message. Text STOP to the number from which you receive text messages about the service or to the number you used to subscribe to this service. Please note that cancellation of one service does no cancel other mobile content services, if any.

How can I cancel all mobile content services?

You can cancel all mobile content services via My LMT, as well as at an LMT Customer Service Center. You can also cancel just premium-rate calls and/or text messages. 

  • If you would like to cancel all premium-rate calling services, activate the free Blocking of premium-rate numbers offered by the LMT.

  • If you would like to cancel all premium-rate texting services, activate the free Cancellation of premium-rate services offered by the LMT. 

When you sign up to the Cancellation of premium-rate services, you may authorize the use of specif numbers (e.g., directories and other services) that are important to you and that you would like to continue using. 

Please note that if you cancel all mobile content services, you will not receive important and useful information. If you would like to be in full control of your costs, we recommend to choose the pre-paid LMT Karte.

How much should I pay for mobile content services?
Depending on the content provider, mobile content services can be subject to standard or premium rates. Service charges are usually indicated in the ad of the respective service, e.g. on an Internet site or the press. If you have chosen to subscribe, you will receive the selected service once per day, week or month and will be charged for the received text message according to the pricing of the content provider.

Spending limit of a calendar month – 300 €. This is the total amount you can spend for Mobile payments, Mobile content services, Google Play purchases and premium rate calls.
How much does it cost to send a premium-rate text message?

You will be charged for your text messages to the number of the respective service according to your tariff plan.

How much will a premium-rate service cost if I sign up online?

You are charged for online activation of services depending on the type of Internet that you use via your handset.

How much will a premium-rate service cost if I sign up via a telephone call?

Charges for calls are determined by the service provider, and it depends on the called number. 

Please check the charges in advance! 

What should I do if I have not subscribed or ordered anything, but I am still charged?

It is possible that you have indicated that you would like to receive the service by some other means, e.g. by e-mail or by calling the service provider. Please check!

It is also possible that you might have left your phone unattended and someone has subscribed to a premium-rate service without your permission. To find out what has happened, please contact the respective mobile content provider.

* Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal (lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.

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